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Silviculture Fire was established to make NWCG training more accessible.  With almost 40 years combined fire experience in 15 states throughout the US, Silviculture Fire has the knowledge and experience necessary to train you and your crew.

Why NWCG Training is Important

Prescribed burns are an effective land management tool, but working with fire can be dangerous.  

When personnel have received NWCG training, they are instructed in the knowledge, skills and abilities required of the position.  Hands on and Sand Table exercises during classes reinforce the principles taught.  This training teaches fundamentals, which when used, can reduce the risks encountered during prescribed burns and gives crew members the knowledge to mitigate unplanned events.

Whether your crew needs NWCG training or you’d like to use our NWCG trained crew to assist on your prescribed burn, we can help you.

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Available Classes

  • Annual Refresher Training—RT-130
  • Basic Wildland Firefighter—S-130/190 
    • (includes I-100 & L-180)
  • Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss—S-131
  • Portable Pumps and Water Use—S-211
  • Ignition Operations—S-219
  • Incident Command—I-100 and I-200
  • Crosswalk GAP for Structural Firefighters classes
  • Prescribed fire classes
  • Other classes available upon request

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Current structure firefighters can bridge their training to include wildland fire by completing the Crosswalk GAP for Structural Firefighters series of NWCG classes.  

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About Us


Bill Bowes, Field Operations, Lead Instructor

As a former Lieutenant / Paramedic with Atlanta Fire Department in Georgia, a current Illinois Prescribed Burn Manager, and a federal seasonal Engine Boss, Bill has more than 35 years of combined structure and wildfire experience in a variety of fuels across the U.S. This experience gives him unique insight towards the wildland urban interface.  


Chantalle Edmunds, Finance, Unit Instructor

7 years of prescribed burn experience and an extensive 

background in business and analysis.


Hayden Wurtz

Over 8 years of fire experience.  Squad boss, work crew supervisor, 

Apparatus Engineer in training.

Our combined experience gives Silviculture Fire a unique insight towards the wildland urban interface and the need for local fire jurisdictions, land management agencies and private land owners to receive the proper training.